Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set
Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set
Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set
Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set
Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set

Artist's 5 Piece Eye Set



We have hand-selected the perfect eye brushes to have in your makeup kit at all times. Now you can be prepared for any occasion.

The Makeup Artist's 5 Essential Eye Brush Set Includes:

1. Angled Eyeliner - E22
Features sharp, slanted edge with soft bristles to allow for detailed and smooth product placement. For use with gel, liquid, or powder eyeliners. Easy to place product directly onto lash line and achieve the perfect winged eyeliner, if desired. Dip the slanted edge of the brush into gel, liquid, or powder eyeliner of your choice and saturate the bristles. Then starting at the outermost corner of the eye, begin to draw a line towards the tail of the brow to serve as the outline of the wing. Extend as far as desired. Then begin to draw a new line beginning at the inner corner going towards the outer corner, following the shape of your eye. Connect this with the tip of the wing and fill in the black space Add more product to increase the thickness of the line.

2. Smudger - E25
Featuring small and soft densely packed fibers that perfectly smudge eyeshadow color along lash line, or blend out eyeliner to create a flawless smokey eye. Perfectly fits into contours of the eye. Using eyeshadow of your choice, place the most color on the outermost corner of the eye and buff inward, staying as close to the lash line as possible. Alternatively, place pencil or gel eyeliner near lash line and use this brush to blend out the edges.

3. Small Tapered Blender - E30
This brush's tapered end is ideal for concentrating color on small areas, such as the crease, with great control. Using a dark eyeshadow of your choice, place most of the product on the outer edge of the eye and blend into crease. With back and forth motions, blend the eyeshadow out so there are no hard lines present.

4. Tapered Blending - E31
This soft, fluffy brush can be used to diffuse harsh lines or gently buff color into the crease. Using a medium toned eyeshadow, gently buff the product into the crease and use back and forth motions to soften harsh lines. Best if used before any other eyeshadow to make blending easier. Can also be used with your favorite highlighter to apply product to tops of cheekbone and brow bones.

5Large Shader - E32
The soft, rounded bristles of this brush evenly packs on color to the lid. Using eyeshadow or cream of choice, dip one flat side of the brush into the product and, using patting motions, apply all over the lid. Use the tip to blend the product into the crease. Alternatively, apply glitter glue all over the lid and use flat edge of brush to tap glitter onto lid.

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