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The vision was humble: provide hand-crafted, high-quality cosmetics and tools at a price the rest of us can afford.
Looking beautiful shouldn’t leave wallets naked.    

Since arriving on the scene, we have been revolutionizing the cosmetics world by manufacturing our products and offering them directly to you, 
cutting out the middlemen.  Not only does this unique model allow us to keep our prices far below the competition, it gives our products the artisanal quality and
attention detail that our larger competitors lack. 

With this problem in mind, Karity was founded.  

We were tired of having to choose between quality and affordability. The old choice between overpriced conglomerate cosmetics companies and low-end
manufacturers selling inferior products is a thing of the past. Karity fuses quality and affordability like no company before. We offer an alternative.
We are the future. Here’s how we do it. 

Everything starts with attention to detail. Every one of our products is hand-crafted with you and your beauty needs in mind. While other companies work
from the top down, we work from the bottom up. Our customer’s needs shape our products design at every turn and in every detail. 

Quality doesn’t come cheap. Until now, the secret to our products’ affordability is in our marketing structure. While old companies worked through layers of
middlemen, we offer our products directly to you. 

We believe in a world where everybody can look their best, no matter how much they can afford to spend. Makeup is an art of self-expression and we want
you to be your best you no matter who you are or who you love.

We are a new kind of company, one that revolves around you. We started Karity to challenge the status quo and bring the cosmetics industry into the modern age.
Help us bring that change.



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